CBD pre and post workout

More and more athletes are using CBD to help them train and recover during their sports activities.  Professional athletes, Olympic athletes, fitness people, runners, muscle builders, and old guys like me who like to keep fit.  We all use CBD to make our workouts better and to take care of ourselves between sessions.  Why?

  • CBD usually comes from  hemp plants, not marijuana plants
  • CBD is non-psychoactive. There is no buzz with CBD
  • CBD is a great anti-inflammatory medicine
  • CBD can decrease pain after a workout
  • CBD helps your muscles metabolize glucose more effectively
  • CBD  can calm and focus you during your workout
  • CBD has almost no side effects

So here are some thoughts on what has worked for others and what has worked for one old runner who keeps trashing himself.

Some points to remember:

  • Always start low and work up: listen to your body
  • CBD by mouth usually takes about an hour to kick in. Plan accordingly.
  • CBD vaping has been safe and effective for lots of folks. More about specific concerns here.
  • Always hydrate well when training, take care of your general health
  • Use common sense and don’t overtrain or do too much after an injury

Pre workout

Lots of people are using either of these pre-workout:

  • 25-50 mg of CBD in liquid form, 1 hour pre workout
  • 2-3 vapes of CBD vape, 15-30 minutes pre workout

Post workout

After the workout, lots of people are using either:

  • 25-50 mg of CBD in liquid form, right after workout
  • 2-3 vapes of CBD vape, right after workout

Night after the workout

Later that day or evening lots of people top it up with either:

  • around 25 mg of CBD in liquid form
  • 1-2 vapes of CBD vape

As needed

As needed for pain or soreness lots of people are doing either:

  • around 25 mg of CBD in liquid form, as needed
  • 1-2 vapes of CBD vape, as needed

(make sure to give the CBD enough time to work before repeating the dose)

If you are going to try CBD around your training, start with a small dose and work up gradually. Listen to your body and it will tell you what it needs. And keep at it.

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